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S*Aniratax is a small cattery located just outside Östersund, a town situated in the middle of Sweden. We raise europeans, a beautiful catbreed that attract without any extreme appearance.

The target with our breeding is to bring up healthy cats, with a good temperament and a beautiful look. All cats we use in our breeding program is tested for the heart disease HCM.

We are members of Storsjökatten, a club affiliated to SVERAK and FIFe.

Latest news

Icy is mated and we're waiting for Lillis maturity >>

S*Aniratax Gold Rush, only 10 months old, became Best in Show!

S*Aniratax Gold Rush the best European at Européringens special show! IC S*Aniratax Ice Ice Baby also got nominated as the judge best European. Both became BIV and NOM.

S*Aniratax Findus became Best in Show!